Wimbledon 2017 Results: A Comprehensive Overview

06 september 2023
Johan Hansen


Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, held annually in London, England. In this article, we will provide a thorough overview of the Wimbledon 2017 results, including an in-depth presentation of the different types of results, popular ones, quantitative measurements, comparisons between various results, and a historical discussion of their pros and cons.

Overview of Wimbledon 2017 Results

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Wimbledon 2017 was an exciting tournament that took place from July 3rd to July 16th. It featured intense competition among top-ranked players from around the globe. The tournament consisted of singles, doubles, and mixed doubles matches for both men and women. It showcased some of the most talented athletes in tennis, captivating spectators with remarkable displays of skill and sportsmanship.

Presentation of Wimbledon 2017 Results

Singles Results:

1. Men’s Singles: The men’s singles category witnessed a fierce battle for the championship title. Roger Federer emerged victorious, claiming his eighth Wimbledon title and becoming the oldest man to win the tournament in the Open era. His precise technique and strategic gameplay earned him a well-deserved victory.

2. Women’s Singles: The women’s singles category was equally captivating. Garbiñe Muguruza triumphed over Venus Williams in the final, securing her first Wimbledon title. Muguruza’s powerful shots and relentless determination propelled her to victory.

Doubles Results:

1. Men’s Doubles: In the men’s doubles category, Lukasz Kubot and Marcelo Melo triumphed, showcasing exceptional teamwork and synchronization. Their tactical approach and strong coordination enabled them to claim the championship title.

2. Women’s Doubles: The women’s doubles category saw a thrilling battle between Russian duo Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina against Chan Hao-ching and Monica Niculescu. Makarova and Vesnina emerged as the champions, demonstrating phenomenal chemistry and tactical prowess.

Mixed Doubles Results:

The mixed doubles category witnessed the captivating pairing of Britain’s Jamie Murray and Switzerland’s Martina Hingis. Their combined skills and strategic gameplay led them to victory.

Quantitative Measurements of Wimbledon 2017 Results

Wimbledon 2017 generated impressive statistics that highlight the significance of the tournament:

1. Total Matches: The tournament included over 600 matches across all categories.

2. Attendance: Wimbledon attracted a record-breaking crowd with over 473,000 spectators attending the event.

3. TV Viewership: The tournament garnered millions of viewers worldwide, emphasizing its global appeal.

Differences between Various Wimbledon 2017 Results

Each category of Wimbledon 2017 results showcased unique characteristics and playing styles:

1. Men’s Singles: The men’s singles matches were characterized by powerful serves, precise volleys, and strategic shot placements. Skilled players like Federer demonstrated exceptional consistency throughout their matches.

2. Women’s Singles: The women’s singles category was marked by fierce baseline rallies, agility, and mental toughness. Players like Muguruza displayed remarkable resilience and adaptability in challenging situations.

3. Doubles: Doubles matches emphasized teamwork, communication, and net play. Successful pairs combined power and finesse to outmaneuver their opponents.

Historical Overview of Pros and Cons of Wimbledon 2017 Results

Over the years, Wimbledon has evolved, bringing forth both advantages and disadvantages:


– Tradition: Wimbledon preserves traditional grass court tennis, adding a unique flavor to the tournament.

– Prestige: Winning Wimbledon is considered the pinnacle of achievement in tennis, making it a highly coveted title.


– Surface Bias: Grass court tournaments like Wimbledon may disadvantage players who are more accustomed to playing on hard courts or clay.

– Weather Conditions: Wimbledon’s schedule is susceptible to rain delays due to the unpredictable British weather, potentially disrupting the flow of matches.


Wimbledon 2017 showcased phenomenal talent and provided exhilarating matches across various categories. From the dominance of Federer to the triumph of Muguruza and the impressive doubles performances, the tournament yielded remarkable results. As Wimbledon continues to evolve, it maintains its status as a prestigious event in the world of tennis, captivating players and fans alike.


What are some advantages and disadvantages of Wimbledon as a tennis tournament?

Advantages of Wimbledon include its tradition and prestige. However, disadvantages include surface bias towards grass courts and potential weather disruptions due to rain delays.

Who emerged as the champions in the women's doubles category?

Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina emerged as the champions in the women's doubles category of Wimbledon 2017.

Who won the men's singles category in Wimbledon 2017?

Roger Federer won the men's singles category in Wimbledon 2017, securing his eighth Wimbledon title.

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